I’ve been doing some thinking and some talking. I hear the words flexibility, agile, liminal, and become aware of the narratives that we live in and by.  We live in the liminal, the unknown.  But that is super scary, so we create narrative to hold the fear at bay.  Then we treat the narrative as truth.  We hold on tightly to the stories we weave and get stuck. I find myself returning to J.L Moreno’s thoughts and teaching about spontaneity.  Spontaneity defined as, “the ability to produce a new response to an old situation and an adequate response to a new situation.” And yes, adequate is exactly that – it is enough. How do we challenge patterned behaviour?  How do we truly connect to the excitement of change? We start by becoming aware. Aware of ourselves in space, how we walk, what we see and hear. The words that we choose and the tastes that we like. The things that we already know.  The things we want to know.  We make offers and accept what is offered. We play. The person in the room with the most awareness, will always have the most choices, and outcomes are directly linked to choices.

How about we get back to basics? Using play, improvisation, games, you can learn to reframe your world, release anxiety and marvel in the space that there is to create new perspectives and possibilities. Doing this will change your interactions with your teams, your family, you friends, your boss.

If this has given you food for thought watch this space for an upcoming May workshop.


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