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Our clients recognise the value working with Interact Now has on their organisation and people. Here are just some of the many positive reviews and testimonials we have received.

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Our Testimonials

“The Interact Now Respectful Relationships workshops for players and staff using actors and facilitated discussion hit the mark. The format kept us engaged and we walked out with increased awareness and a framework for thinking about what is going on around us. I highly recommend Joy’s work and this approach.”


Head Coach, Manly Sea Eagles (NRL)

“I have presented actor-based workshops on clinical communication skills for more than 20 years. They are invariably challenging for both participants and facilitators. Co-facilitating with Joy is a joy. It removes a lot of the pressure on me as facilitator and, at the same time, provides for all of us a deeper understanding of the relational dimensions that impact how we communicate with each other. Joy brings a unique insight into the psychotherapeutic foundations of interactions we like to believe are purely clinical and scientific – the missing link to unexplained variance.”


Professor of Psychological Medicine, The University of Sydney

“It is with pleasure that I write a recommendation for Joy Stewart and the outstanding work she does with Interact Now, particularly in relation to sensitive issues around Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment and Consent. Given the prevalence of issues of sexual harassment in the media and in educational institutions in particular which has received extensive media attention, the Board of Directors decided to engage Joy Stewart to deliver educative and interactive programs to students and staff at the College to address this. In particular, the approach which dramatizes a relatable situation to engage attendees is very effective. I particularly found the actors’ reflections on the drivers of the characters they portray to be very powerful. I found the session so impactful that I have engaged Joy and her team to work with our entire staff and executive team on a number of topics as part of their ongoing professional development. Joy took time to understand the college, its values its people. She spent a full day on campus speaking to students, staff and other stakeholders to gain insight into the organisational context which she used to deliver a very impactful and effective program. Joy’s use of actors brings a sense of immediacy to the topic and highlights the subtleties in situations which could become problematic if not addressed. Joy will be delivering the sessions on Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment and Consent to our student cohorts together with sessions on use of social media, alcohol and substances and the influence on consent. I would highly recommend Joy and Interact Now to any organisation which is looking to mitigate risk and educate its people on these very sensitive and topical issues.”


CEO & Dean, ACPE

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