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Interact Now helps your organisation address issues like sexual harassment, consent, racism and discrimination, and even substance abuse.

The time to act is now, because tomorrow might be too late.

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Uncomfortable topics, necessary conversations

1 in 3 Australian workers have experienced workplace sexual harassment in the last five years*. Yet only 17% felt empowered to do something about it.

But what about 83% of people who don’t speak up? Team members feeling unable to come into work, poor performance, high staff turnover, not to mention the personal wellbeing of the team members… It’s costing the economy $3.8 billion a year and it’s costing your organisation the most valuable thing of all, it’s people.

And it’s not just sexual harassment.

Racism and discrimination, alcohol and substance abuse, domestic and family violence, misuse of social media, issues around consent, and so much more… Small issues can snowball into larger ones with a massive effect on your team culture and bottom line.

And it might not just be internal. Confronting interactions with customers, clients, or the general public can really take their toll. After all, every two minutes, Australian police respond to domestic violence matters†. Learning how to better deal with these moments with qualified professionals in a safe environment can boost your team members’ confidence and empower them to make safe choices.

Plus, having a common language when it comes to addressing harassment, substance and behavioural issues is vital when it comes to necessary leadership conversations. Interact Now’s workshops give you and your leaders the edge by getting everyone on the same page so you can address problems early and stop them before they start.

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