Continuing my observations about creativity, spontaneity and teams reminded me of Viola Spolin’s conviction that when competition replaces participation, compulsive action is the result. What does that mean? In short, when competition becomes the focus of any activity, project, game, we can see it in the way behaviour changes. As we strive for supremacy, tearing down our colleagues or friends, getting defensive and trying to provide reasons for our choices, the focus moves from solving the problem in a way that best serves the problem, to solving the problem in a way that best serves an individual or faction. For those drawn to competition there is consistant tension, and for those who hate the tension there is apathy or boredom, withdrawal. Either way all players/team members exhibit fatigue.

I’m not suggesting that there should not be contest.  Contest and extension give us the opportunity to keep challenging ideas and concentrate on growing them.  These actions energise and allow for deeper more thoughtful work and more robust problem solving.


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